Power-Flo™ Double Braided Stainless Steel Racing Hose

Precision's hose products has been engineered and tested through independent ASTM laboratories to meet all SAE-30R7 standards. During its development the intent was to make our stainless braided hose products easier for assembly by the end user, plus limit or eliminate the wire frays and spreads which occur after cutting. This was done by cutting 50% of the available manufacturing tolerances currently used by the major hose producers in our market. This provides our customer with a product that is dimensionally consistent and easier to assemble with re-usable fittings. We enhanced the curing process of the hose which uniformly applies the glue and adhesion of glue between the stainless braid and the CPE inner core. This has dramatically reduced the frays and spreads associated with cut stainless braided hose products. Operating temperatures are from -40° F to +350° F and deliver hydrocarbon and alcohol based fuels, motor oils and coolant.

AN SizeInside Dia.Outside Dia.Max PSIMin BendBulk Length3' Length6' Length10' Length15' Length20' Length
-40.220.4415002" R.320499320403320406320410320415320420
-60.340.5515002.5" R.320699320603320606320610320615320620
-80.430.6415003.5" R.320899320803320806320810320815320820
-100.560.7912504" R.321099321003321006321010321015321020
-120.690.9410004.5" R.321299321203321206321210321215321220
-160.881.167505.5" R.321699321603321606321610321615321620

Power-Flo™ Swivel Hose Ends

Constructed from lightweight 6061 alloy aluminum and designed for smooth flow, easy assembly and longer life. All elbow ends are built from One-Piece billet tube construction- avoiding leakable braze joints. Viton® O-Ring seal allows 360 degree rotation. 37 AN flare assures leakproof sealing surface eliminating need for taping. Compatible with all AN adapter fittings. Available in Red/Blue Brite Dip Anodized finish or Brite Electro-less Nickel plating.

Power-Flo™ Full Swivel AN Reusable Hose Ends Use

37 flare seal (JIC/AN) compatible to other manufacturers product. Use with Power-Flow stainless braided racing hose.
Straight Swivel
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
45 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
90 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
120 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeBlack Anodize
150 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeBlack Anodize
180 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeBlack Anodize

Power-Flo™ Full Swivel AN Reusable Pipe Hose Ends

Adapts Braided Hose to NPTF ports directly and easily without needing an adapter. High strength one piece billet tube with Swivel construction allows for a clean connection. Use with Power-Flo™ Racing Hose.
Straight Swivel
AN SizeNPTF ThreadAnodizeElectro+
-61/4 NPTF1260012600E
-83/8 NPTF1280012800E
-81/2 NPTF1280112801E
-101/2 NPTF1200012000E
-121/2 NPTF1220012200E
-123/4 NPTF1220112201E
45 Degree Elbow
AN SizeNPTF ThreadAnodizeElectro+
-61/4 NPTF1264512645E
-83/8 NPTF1284512845E
-81/2 NPTF1284612846E
-101/2 NPTF1204512045E
-121/2 NPTF1224512245E
-123/4 NPTF1224612246E
90 Degree Elbow
AN SizeNPTF ThreadAnodizeElectro+
-61/4 NPTF1269012690E
-83/8 NPTF1289012890E
-81/2 NPTF1289112891E
-101/2 NPTF1209012090E
-121/2 NPTF1229012290E
-123/4 NPTF1229112291E