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Precision Performance is a U.S. based manufacturer of automotive and motorcycle products selling to the wholesale and retail aftermarkets in four continents. We currently supply over 3,800 different products / stocking units under the industry’s most recognizable names. 

Since 1990, we have designed, engineered and manufactured fluid control products for the automotive, motorcycle and hydraulic industries. Our equipment listing includes CNC mills, lathes and machining centers, multi-spindle turning machines, CNC tube bending, automated assembly equipment and specialized machines tailored to the products we offer to our customers. Under ISO-9000 standards, our manufacturing capabilities include the multi-shift operation of 78 pieces of equipment each day.

Each product offered by Precision Performance has been designed by in-house engineers. Their primary intent is to construct products that provide a functional ease-of use for our customers, as well as minimize the overall cost of production. This is demonstrated in our one-piece tube hose end products. In this example, our customer will have a product that can swivel on both ends and be assured the product will not leak due to brazing flaws. Internally our production process has eliminated one part to the assembly, as well as the brazing operation. This priority system established by our engineers has allowed us to be a competitive U.S. based manufacturer.

Precision’s hose products have been engineered and tested through independent ASTM laboratories to meet all SAE–30R7 standards. During its development the intent was to make our stainless braided hose products easier for assembly by the end user, plus limit or eliminate the wire frays and spreads which occur after cutting. This was done by cutting 50% of the available manufacturing tolerances currently used by the major hose producers in our market. This provides our customer with a product that is dimensionally consistent and easier to assemble with re-usable fittings. We enhanced the curing process of the hose which uniformly applies the glue and adhesion of glue between the stainless braid and the CPE inner core. This has dramatically reduced the frays and spreads associated with cut stainless braided hose products.

Precision Performance supplies the automotive and motorcycle aftermarket with products sold under private label branding. Each of our private label customers have their own their own systems and needs. This in turn has given us the ability to offer our customers customized packaging, bar coding, point of purchase displays, product and logo etching, customer designed products, as well as our catalog and product advertisements customized to their needs.

From all of us at Precision Performance please accept our appreciation for two decades of continuous support.