Flex-Lok™ Push-On Hose

Designed for reduced weight and increased flexibility, Flex-Loc™ Push-On Hose features a Class A high oil resistant nitrile inner tube with a reinforcing two spiral aramid fiber and a nitrile/PVC cover resistant to oil and petroleum based products. Flex-Loc™ Push-On Hose is compatible with a wide range of oils and fuels, however is NOT recommended for use with unleaded gasoline. DO NOT USE with brake fluids or power steering fluids. Operates at 250 PSI and temperature range -30° F to +160° F. Use with Push-On Swivel Hose Ends and all 37° AN flare adapters.

AN SizeHose I.D.Hose O.D.Max PSIMin BendBulk Length10' Length15' Length20' Length50' Length
-41/4"15/32"2502.5 R.330499330410330415320420320450
-63/8"5/8"2503 R.330699330610330615320620320650
-81/2"3/4"2505 R.330899330810330815320820320850
-105/8"15/16"2506 R.331099331010331015321020321050
-123/4"1-1/32"2007 R.331299331210331215321220321250
-4 through -12 Flex-Lok™ Push-On Hose available in black, just add -BLK after part number. Example: 330410-BLK

Push-On Full Swivel Hose Ends

Avoid twisting and kinking your lines at installation with these Full-Swivel non-stress Push-On Hose Ends. Lightweight and economical, Push-On fittings assemble fast for the trouble free performance you need. Use with any 37° AN Flare Adapter. Use only with Flex-Loc™ Push-On Hose.

Straight Swivel
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
45 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
90 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
120 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
150 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+
180 Degree Elbow
AN SizeAnodizeElectro+

Push-On Adapters

Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Adapters allow the fullest advantage of a hose end, by eliminating the need and weight for additional adapters and connect directly to your application.
Straight Barb to Pipe Adapter
AN SizeNPTF ThreadAnodize
Straight Barb to Straight Flare Adapter
AN SizeFlex-Loc™Electro+
Flare to Flex-Loc™ Tee
AN SizeFlex-Loc™Anodize