Blue Nitrous Hoses

Guarantee the performance of your Nitrous delivery set up with Precision Performance Pre-Assembled nitrous lines. These premium quality PTFE Core Stainless Steel Braided lines customize and simplify any plumbing application. Choose from the most extensive selection of premade, pre-tested hoses available anywhere.

Part No.Description
703085B-3AN x 8-1/2" Lg. Blue
703012B-3AN 12" Lg. Blue
703018B-3AN 18" Lg. Blue
703024B-3AN 20" Lg. Blue
703048B-3AN 48" Lg. Blue
703412B-3AN to -4AN x 12" Blue
703418B-3AN to -4AN x 18" Blue
703424B-3AN to -4AN x 24" Blue
704312B-4AN to -3AN x 12" Blue
704318B-4AN to -3AN x 18" Blue
704085B-4AN x 8-1/2" Lg. Blue
704012B-4AN x 12" Lg. Blue
704018B-4AN x 18" Lg. Blue
704024B-4AN x 24" Lg. Blue
704036B-4AN x 3' Lg. Blue
704048B-4AN x 4' Lg. Blue
704072B-4AN x 6' Lg. Blue
704096B-4AN x 8' Lg. Blue
704120B-4AN x 10' Lg. Blue
704144B-4AN x 12' Lg. Blue
704168B-4AN x 14' Lg. Blue
704192B-4AN x 16' Lg. Blue
704216B-4AN x 18' Lg. Blue
704240B-4AN x 20' Lg. Blue
Part No.Description
704612B-4AN x -6AN x 12" Blue
704618B-4AN x -6AN x 18" Blue
704624B-4AN x -6AN x 24" Blue
706012B-6AN x 12" Lg. Blue
706018B-6AN x 18" Lg. Blue
706024B-6AN x 24" Lg. Blue
706036B-6AN x 3' Lg. Blue
706048B-6AN x 4' Lg. Blue
706072B-6AN x 6' Lg. Blue
706096B-6AN x 8' Lg. Blue
706120B-6AN x 10' Lg. Blue
706144B-6AN x 12' Lg. Blue
706168B-6AN x 14' Lg. Blue
706192B-6AN x 16' Lg. Blue
706240B-6AN x 20' Lg. Blue
703885B-3AN x 1/8" NPT x 8-1/2" Lg. Blue
703812B-3AN x 1/8" NPT x 12" Lg. Blue
703824B-3AN x 1/8" NPT x 24" Lg. Blue
703924B-3AN x -3AN x 90 Deg. X 24" Lg. Blue
703948B-3AN x -3AN x 90 Deg. X 48" Lg. Blue
704824B-4AN x 1/8" NPT x 24" Lg. Blue
704836B-4AN x 1/8" NPT x 3' Lg. Blue
704915B-4AN x -4AN x 90 Deg. X 15" Lg. Blue
704924B-4AN x -4AN x 90 Deg. X 24" Lg. Blue

Red Fuel Lines

Part No.Description
723012R-3AN x 12" Lg. Red
723412R-3AN x -4AN x 12" Red
723418R-3AN x -4AN x 18" Red
723424R-3AN x -4AN x 24" Red
724312R-4AN to -3AN x 12" Red
724318R-4AN to -3AN x 18" Red
724085R-4AN x 8-1/2" Lg. Red
724012R-4AN x 12" Lg. Red
724018R-4AN x 18" Lg. Red
724024R-4AN x 24" Lg. Red
724036R-4AN x 3' Lg. Red
724612R-4AN x -6AN x 12" Red
724618R-4AN x -6AN x 18" Red
Part No.Description
724624R-4AN x -6AN x 24" Red
726012R-6AN x 12" Lg. Red
726018R-6AN x 18" Lg. Red
726024R-6AN x 24" Lg. Red
723885R-3AN x 1/8" NPT x 8-1/2" Lg. Red
723812R-3AN x 1/8" NPT 12" Lg. Red
723824R-3AN x 1/8" NPT 24" Lg. Red
723924R-3AN x -3AN x 90 Deg. X 24" Lg. Red
723948R-3AN x -3AN x 90 Deg. X 48" Lg. Red
724824R-4AN x 1/8" NPT x 24" Lg. Red
724836R-4AN x 1/8" NPT x 3' Lg. Red
724915R-4AN x -4AN x 90 Deg. X 15" Lg. Red
724924R-4AN x -4AN x 90 Deg. X 24" Lg. Red