Power-Lite™ Hose

A lightweight alternative to stainless braided hose, Power-Lite™ hose is constructed of a high grade nitrile inner core (which reduces fuel permeation) and black nylon fiber braid. No cuts or scrapes when assembling with our Power-Flo™ hose ends.
Available in both Black and Red Nylon.
  • Weight Savings can be up to 40% of Stainless Braided Hose
  • Maximum Pressure Rating of 350 psi on all sizes
  • Operating temperatures are from -40°F to 302° F
  • Can be used with fuel(including diesel), lubricating oils and antifreeze
  • Not recommended for use in vacuum applications without using an inner spring support
AN SizeInside Dia.Outside Dia.Min. BendBulk Length3' Length6' Length10' Length15' Length20' Length
-40.220.442" R.350499350403350406350410350415350420
-60.340.552.25" R.350699350603350606350610350615350620
-80.430.643.5" R.350899350803350806350810350815350820
-100.560.794" R.351099351003351006351010351015351020
-120.690.944.5" R.351299351203351206351210351215351220
-160.881.165.5" R.351699351603351606351610351615351620
*please add "R" to the end of the part number when ordering red nylon


Power-Flo™ Swivel Hose Ends

Black Swivel Hose Ends

AN SizeStraight
AN Size45 Degree
AN Size90 Degree